The BYO Bible

July 2nd, 2018
Peterson House Food Spread

The BYO Bible

When it comes to dining out, cheap wine, good company and great food can make or break an evening. Let’s face it, there's something truly special about being able to down a $2 bottle of Aldi wine whilst dining in your favourite restaurant. Not only is it more affordable, but it also takes the guesswork out of drink selection.

As requested we have compiled a list, creating…. drum roll please…. “Newcastle’s BYO Bible”. That’s right, a list of the venues in and around Newcastle that allow bring your own alcohol!

Music to your ears, right!? It’s time to grab your companion, whether that be your bottle of wine or you’re better half and go wherever your appetite desires.

Wine Alcohol
  • Una Volta - Newcastle
  • Masa Madre - Wickham
  • Napoli Centrale Pizza Bar - Newcastle
  • Bocados Spanish Restaurant - Newcastle (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only)
  • Uber Thai - Hamilton
  • Asa Don - Newcastle
  • Sticky Rice Thai - Wickham
  • Chinois Restaurant - Newcastle
  • IL Volcano - Newcastle
  • Benjamas Thai Restaurant - Cooks Hill
  • Fernleigh Cafe - Adamstown
  • Surtaj Indian Restaurant - Newcastle
  • Mega Gyros - Charlestown
  • Three Monkeys - Cooks Hill
  • The Grain Thai - Hamilton
  • Talulah Bar - The Junction
  • Cielo Italiano - Newcastle
  • Cirque Cafe & Restaurant
  • Larnna Thai - Newcastle
  • Seafood 79 - Hamilton
  • Dumpling Story - Hamilton
  • Rosina’s Pizza Restaurant - Newcastle
  • DiRoma Pizzaeria - Merewether
  • Sapphire Indian Restaurant - Merewether
  • Sephardim - Warners Bay (Tuesday and Wednesday only)
  • Pino Italian Restaurant - Newcastle
  • Goldbergs Coffee House - Newcastle
  • Mons on Darby - Newcastle
  • Valerie's Pizza Parlour - Maryville (Friday only)
  • Muchos Mexican - The Junction
  • Canon - Warners Bay
  • Lotus Corner - The Junction
  • Coal River & Co - Cooks Hill (Wednesday only)
  • Delucas - Cooks Hill (Thursday only)
  • Saigon Feast - Newcastle
Peterson House Food Spread

Of course, with BYO comes corkage. Therefore, those venues listed above may involve individual corkage fees, and are subjected to change. All BYO venues are effective as of July 2018 with each venues having particular “bring your own” terms and conditions. We'll leave you with the decision of where to dine but just remember what and old fellow named Paulo Coelho once said “accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle” (We back the whole bottle).

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